Prosecutor of the Nation formalizes preparatory investigation against Pedro Castillo after frustrated self-coup

The National Prosecutor Patricia Benavidesformalized this Tuesday the preparatory investigation against Pedro Castillo after his attempt to carry out a self-coup, so that he is now empowered to request his preventive detention for the crime of rebellion, conspiracy, abuse of authority and serious disturbance of public tranquility.

Benavides also included for the same crimes Anibal Torres, former adviser to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. the supreme judge Juan Carlos Checkleywho assumed jurisdiction over the case, approved the decision after noting that Parliament lifted the jurisdiction of Castillo, who was arrested in flagrante delicto last Wednesday.

The document formalizing the investigation indicates that, according to the New Code of Criminal Procedure, the Prosecutor’s Office can request before the Judiciary “measures limiting rights in general.” The term of the preparatory investigation is eight months.

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The Public Ministry recorded the statements of Castillo’s former ministers, who stated that they had seen Torres with the ousted ex-president, minutes before the Nation’s message on December 7.

Castle He is seven days after his preliminary detention in the National Division of Special Operations (Dinoes), after an appeals court declared his request to go free unfounded while protests persist that have left six dead and 200 injured since Sunday.

Judge César San Martín decided to “declare the appeal filed by the defendant’s defense unfounded,” which requested his release before the expiration of this term.

The magistrate pointed out in the ruling that there is a risk of escape, since Castle He tried to get to the Mexican embassy to seek asylum after being dismissed by Congress.


the country teacher He was arrested last Wednesday, after his failed self-coup and subsequent removal by Congress. Then, Vice President Dina Boluarte immediately assumed command, as provided for in the Constitution.

castle and towers They called for a demonstration in the Diroes for this Wednesday, December 14, the day the arrest of the former president expires.

“Tomorrow I will be released. I wait for you in the Diroes to join you in a big hug ”, reads a letter in the handwriting published by the former president on his Twitter account.

“Tomorrow, Wednesday 12/14 at noon, our brother Pedro Castillo will be released. Compatriots, I summon you so that, together with the Social Organizations, go to the Diroes to receive him and accompany him”, seconded, for his part, one of his closest advisers denounced for “disruption of Justice” and rebellion.

On this day, Judge César San Martín read the resolution that rejected Castillo’s appeal and, therefore, confirmed his detention, which expires on Wednesday before 2:00 p.m.

The magistrate said that Castle faces a crime punishable by between 5 and 10 years in prison, and that, what has been proposed by the Prosecutor’s Office, so far, is “sufficient” to be prosecuted for attempted crime of rebellion or conspiracyafter the public pronouncement on December 7 in which he announced a series of measures considered a self-coup.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces patrol along with the Police the streets of various cities under a state of emergency. The demonstrations against Boluarte continue and there are numerous blocked roads in 13 of the 24 regions of the country.

Meanwhile, Lima is the scene of clashes between radical protesters and police, while agrarian and indigenous unions began an “indefinite strike” demanding general elections.


The National Road Network is declared in emergency to ensure free transit, informed the Minister of Defense, Alberto Otárola
The United States and the United Kingdom recognize Dina Boluarte as president of Peru
They present a motion of censure from Prime Minister Pedro Angulo for “inefficient management” of the crisis that is shaking the country

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