PHOTOS: Norma Palafox in tight sportswear paralyzes the net

Several years Mexican soccer player Norma Palafox has touched our hearts with her passion for sport. Every goal he scored using the Chivas or Atlas shirt he forged us to be part of his faithful fandom. See her in tight sportswear on and off the court or in challenge contests on the beach, he did not return fans at heart.

The force that prints Norma Palafox in each competition and the project in which he participates, whether on the pitch or on television, touches our hearts. Her passion for going out in bikinis on top of a luxury yacht through Mexican seas also shows us her love for her country and for spending quality time with her dear friends and family.

Photo: Instagram @normapalafox_

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Norma Palafox is a jewel of Mexican soccer

one day the beauty Norma Palafox shone by wearing very tight sports pants to the degree of showing every muscle of her powerful and shapely legs. In another photo we see her wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt, and carrying a ball, while she poses for the camera lens stepping on the green grass of a soccer field. Norma Palafox looks impressive.

Photo: Instagram @normapalafox_

Thanks to these photos, Norma Palafox has 2.2 million followers on her Instagram profile and in the popular video network TikTok, has a not inconsiderable 1.9 million of loyal fans who love to share their content.

Photo: Instagram @normapalafox_
Seeing Norma Palafox play on the courts is wonderful. Photo: Instagram @normapalafox_


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