Not only José Ramón Fernández, Lucero also said who is the worst team in Mexico

Jose Ramon Fernandez, Lucero.
Jose Ramon Fernandez, Lucero.

The singer Lucero held an interview with the sports host José Ramón Fernández, who, among other things, asked her that if she were to be in a soap opera, who would she classify as the villainous Mexican soccer team and why. When asked, Lucero did not hesitate to answer that it would be the Águilas del América, which was confirmed by the journalist, since both agreed that they really deserved that position; despite the fact that the team would be the favorite of the artist.

And it is that for the interpreter of “Don’t talk to me about him”, “it took me, all this interview time, to reveal and confess that I’m going to America, but hey, I think America is the villain, I don’t know What’s up. I don’t know if it has to do with the company, I don’t know if it has to do with so many things that America has experienced that suddenly it could be that they are the villains, ”she recounted during the humorous interview in the ‘ESPN Characters’ section. .

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As if that were not enough, the position for the best team was given to Chivas, which would have left him as the hero in the metaphorical scene. Lucero, who is currently doing a reality show for Televisa, left fans impressed when the channel revealed who would accompany him on the program he is recording called “El Retador”.

The special man who accompanies Lucero in a new reality show

According to what was expressed by Televisa, Lucero would be next to his ex-partner Manuel Mijares, with whom he had a relationship that would have ended in the best way, since both maintain a cordial relationship. The program, which will be released this Friday, December 15, will be singing, dancing and imitation, as reported by the same channel.

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