Marjorie de Sousa criticized for visiting the Basilica of Guadalupe

With strong words, the followers of the actress Marjorie de Sousa went to the Basilica of Guadalupe to sing the morning, however, this was not to the liking of many and ended up being flooded in the comments of their publications.

On December 12, the celebrity of Venezuelan origin met with her son at the temple and shared the entire experience on her social networks, from photographs to a video moments before going on the air.

Some of the criticism for marjorie desousa they focused on her dress, which featured a large cleavage that her fans found inappropriate. The designer of this wonderful piece was Mitzy, taking care of every detail of the beautiful piece.

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Marjorie de Sousa criticized for visiting the Basilica of Guadalupe. Source: Instagram


The main problem arose with the description of the post, where it reads: “God and our mother bless the homes of each one of you”, arousing accusations of hypocrisy and questioning, once again, the decisions he made with his son Matías after separating from Julián Gil.

“This lady hardly sings”, “In short… the hypocrisy! Pass it on!”, “Take advantage of that stage and ask God for forgiveness for your actions!!”, “Learn first to be a mother, and tell God to forgive you for the damage that you do to your son, simply because of your whim”, were some comments.

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