LIDOM takes away a victory from the Eagles for alleged cheating

SANTO DOMINGO.– The Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic (LIDOM) took away a victory from the Águilas Cibaeñas for violating the rules of the League roster, a game against the Tigers of the Licey last November 6.

The president of LIDOM, Vitelio Mejía, said that they are guaranteeing effective judicial protection and due process to make their decision official, “an issue of this nature cannot be celebrated nor are we a press agency to be complicated by requests, I assumed that with the responsibility that this deserves and an investment was made, an investment that took time, to carry out an investigation of this type, each party has the opportunity to refer to the investigation and make their objections”.

According to a LIDOM resolution, the Eagles committed a violation of the rules by declaring that the American pitcher Geoff Hattlieb was absent due to paternity leave without being true and was replaced on the roster by Roenis Elias, who pitched in the match of the November 6 that the Eagles won 6-5 at the Cibao Stadium.

The Águilas Cibaeñas bulletin of that day states the following:

Imported pitcher Jesse Scholtens fulfilled his contract, reported the Operations Management. He will be replaced by Houston Astros right-handed reliever Nick Hernandez, who arrives in the country this afternoon, ready to make the weekly roster. Roenis Ellas will take Scholtens’ place in the rotation starting today.”

The Eagles appealed the sanction and the league will decide whether to rarefy the resolution.

Las Águilas are in first place with a 31-16 mark, while Licey ranks second 29-16.

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