Lalo Rodríguez will be veiled at the Ehret Funeral Home and the Municipality of Carolina would pay him a tribute

The Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF) indicated that the singer’s family had carried out the process of identifying the body remotely.

Dr. María Conte Miller, director of the ICF, likewise maintained today, Wednesday, that the autopsy process had not yet been completed.

“It is being done right now,” the doctor responded to questions from the press, shortly before noon, after concluding the graduation ceremony for 12 new forensic experts.

The doctor added that “I still do not have details (of the autopsy) because, if it only happened yesterday, today the pathologist on duty is practicing it.”

While this process is being completed, the family of Lalo Rodríguez, through a friend, the chiropractor Fidel Estrada, coordinates what will be the funeral. So far it has been determined that the wake will be at the Ehret Funeral Home, in Río Piedras. Then there would be a tribute in the Municipality of Carolina, which is not yet defined. The burial would be in the artist’s hometown, because according to Estrada the salsa singer had expressed himself that he did not want his body to be cremated.

The dates for these events will be determined from the moment the ICF delivers the body to the funeral home and the relatives who live outside the Island can coordinate the trips to be present. It is projected that they could be occurring between Monday and Wednesday of next week.

Lalo Rodríguez was found dead on Tuesday afternoon, near a field in the Sabana Abajo residential area. He showed no signs of violence. He was 64 years old.

The Police, according to the observations, suggest that he may have had a natural complication of his health conditions or an overdose of controlled substances.

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