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Last Tuesday, December 13, it was announced the death of Lalo Rodríguezone of the greatest representatives of romantic salsa, interpreter of famous songs such as “Devórame otra vez”, “Vivo amándote” or “Deseo Salvaje”. The music star was found dead in building 54 of the Sabana Abajo residential complex, in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

The causes of death or Ubaldo Rodriguez Santosreal name of the famous, have not been made public, however, it is known that the salsa singer had a history of drug and alcohol addiction.

Also, the body of lalo rodriguez He did not show signs of violence when the authorities found him, so they will have to wait for the results of the autopsy to clarify the cause of death. It is worth mentioning that, barely a month after his departure, the singer was hospitalized and intubated after being found in “catatonic state”as reported by the local media La Voz de Carolina.

The Puerto Rican singer found in "Come eat me again" his most famous song (Photo: Lalo Rodríguez / Facebook)

The Puerto Rican singer found his most famous song in “Come, devour me again” (Photo: Lalo Rodríguez / Facebook)


In recent years, the popular ‘Carolina Canary’ He battled drug and alcohol addiction. In 2011, for example, he was arrested in Florida on domestic violence charges. And this 2022 he divorced, which would have further exacerbated his problems with substances. In 2021, the singer was intervened by the Police when he was walking alone on the road in an apparent drunken state. From this situation, the authorities have as possible causes of death a relapse.

How did they find the body of Lalo Rodríguez?

The local police indicated that they were alerted to a dead person in the aforementioned Carolina residential area by a call to the 911 emergency line. Upon arrival, they found the body of the artist. Paramedics identified the singer, who showed no signs of violence.

One of the last interviews of Lalo Rodríguez (Photo: The Puerto Rican spokesperson)

One of the last interviews of Lalo Rodríguez (Photo: The Puerto Rican spokesperson)

Did your addictions cause your death?

The road manager, Francisco Pérez, who for the last two years worked closely with the salsa singer, pointed out that Rodríguez’s death could be a consequence of Lalo’s carelessness in his health conditions, such as hypertension, and not due to a relapse in controlled substances. He commented that he had to take two medications daily to control his blood pressure.

“I recently had to go look for him at the emergency room; When I am mounting it in the car, the 9-1-1 arrived and my pressure was through the roof”told in Primera Hora.

Puerto Rican salsa singer Lalo Rodríguez interpreting one of his songs (Photo: Lalo Rodríguez / YouTube)

Puerto Rican salsa singer Lalo Rodríguez interpreting one of his songs (Photo: Lalo Rodríguez / YouTube)


Ubaldo Rodríguez Santos was born on May 16, 1958 and began his artistic career at the age of 12 as part of the Tempo Moderno orchestra. At the age of 16, he recorded the album “The Sun of the Latin Music” with Eddie Palmieri’s band, an album that became the first of the salsa genre to receive a Grammy.

The great peak of his career was in the 1980s and 1990s, recording hits such as: “Come, devour me again”, “Yes, I lied to you”, “I will not let you down”, “I am asking you” and ” After making love”, to name a few.

He was a precursor of the sensual sauce. In addition to his music, Lalo Rodríguez was also known for his scandals involving his addiction, as well as his legal problems. He had four children with his ex-wife Wanda Torres Vázquez: Jeramel, José Juan, Linda and Yariel.

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