Kun Agüero revealed details about the discomfort that Lionel Messi felt during the match with Croatia

TheArgentine election thrashed Croatia in the semifinal of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, but during the match the hearts of the fans stopped when Lionel Messi began to touch the back of his left thigh. Although the star played the entire match, Kun Agüero in dialogue with ESPN, revealed details of the captain’s annoyance.

In the first part, Messi took the ball against the right, three Croatian players put pressure on him on the mark and one ended up hitting him from behind just before giving a back pass. From that moment on, the Albilceleste captain began massaging the back of his left thigh.

While his discomfort was noted, Scaloni from outside asked him if he was okay and the Argentine always answered yes.

After the match is over, the Kun Agüero spoke about what he was able to talk to Messi about the discomfort he was having: “At one point we all saw it, we were a little scared that he grabbed the hamstring and the adductor, but I don’t know where he got so much strength from. I don’t know noticed nothing”.

The former player entered the locker room and revealed what he talked about with his friend: “I told him to look carefully for me. I was with him in the locker room. He tells me: ‘I think it was a blow’. And I told him: ‘But didn’t you notice someone hit you from behind?'” . Then he added: “I think he will only realize in two days, that the pain will ease, that for me it was a blow.”.

To bring peace of mind to the fans, Kun ended: “Nothing hurts”.

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