Karim Benzema receives permission from Real Madrid to join France in Qatar | World Cup Qatar 2022

In the middle of the semifinal between France and Morocco, Karim Benzema It became a trend on social networks due to his possible return to Qatar to play the 2022 World Cup final against Argentina. Real Madrid would have given him the green light to travel with his team and be available for Sunday.

As a result of a muscle injury, the striker had to leave France a few days before his debut against Australia. He is now fully recovered and ready to return to Doha. The press in Europe assures that his club, Real Madrid, has already given him the green light and he will be able to rejoin the national team. Everything depended on whether the French team advanced to the final.

But, could he enter into the plans against Argentina? Benzema had to leave France because of his injury, but Deschamps never replaced him. In other words, the owner of the Ballon d’Or can not only return to the concentration of the French team, but he could also play if the coach decides. This is the reason why it became a trend this Wednesday.

However, beyond the fact that Real Madrid gave him the permission and that the player has the desire to play, everything passes through the hands of his coach. He will be the one who decides if Benzema enters the plans for the final or not, because until now, he has not needed his goals.

The truth is that Karim will be able to receive the gold medal if France is champion, as he is still part of the official squad. In the end, will Deschamps use it?

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