Jesús Angulo could drop the signing of Víctor Guzmán if he wishes. MOMENTS OF TENSION IN CHIVAS!

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Although most of the followers of the Flock are satisfied with the arrival of Guzmán, there are situations that are not 100% specified.

Canelo Angulo could throw the signing of Pocho
© JammediaCanelo Angulo could throw the signing of Pocho

Everything is ready for Chivas de Guadalajara to announce the arrival of their first reinforcement for the Clausura 2023 Tournament, which has been the most anticipated by all the fans, but there is a small detail that can reverse the wishes of both directives and of the rojiblancos fans themselves and it is that at this moment the ball is in the court of Jesús Angulo.

Victor Guzmán finally agreed again to dress in the colors of the Sacred Flock as he did in his time in basic forces and also in 2019 when It was announced as one of the strong cards of the brand new, at that time, sports director Ricardo Peláez, but a problem with a positive anti-doping test was what ended the dream that both institutions would be satisfied with the transfer.

Now there is an obstacle that fortunately for everyone does not have to do with prohibited substances, but with the conviction of Canelo Angulo to leave his life established in the Perla Tapatia and change of scenery bound for León, since despite the fact that it would be Being acquired by Grupo Pachuca, his sporting future would be with coach Nicolás Larcamón, who has just arrived at La Fiera.

Canelo Angulo could pull the signing of Guzmán

Now, the arrival of Pocho in Guadalajara at this moment practically depends on a single person and That is Canelo, who has not said “yes” to the Guadalajara leadership so that the transfer is closed and the signing of Guzmán becomes official, coming from the champions Tuzos, which would not be something new in the rojiblanco team, since previously players like Gonzalo Pineda in 2008 refused to go to Atlante and met with the vice president of soccer, Néstor de la Torre to notify him of his decision, because he had already been sold in the draft, but ultimately stayed at Verde Valle.

Poll Do you think Angulo could refuse to go to León?

Do you think Angulo could refuse to go to León?

Of course, there is a lot of difference between both teams

I don’t think so, it’s done

I don’t know, but they took a long time to announce it


“I have my doubts that he will accept (Angulo), as happened at the time with Gonzalo Pineda and he had every right to fulfill his contract when Néstor de la Torre was there, he said ‘I don’t want to go, I’m not going to go’ and stayed in Guadalajara. Now we have to see what position Angulo is in. In the negotiation I was not planning to include it, but things are already stretching to be able to find that gap that can give him the reinforcement he wants, it is not that the topic is going to fall off ”, commented the journalist from Azteca Deportes Jalisco, Alex Ramírez.

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