‘It’s incredible that they score that penalty’Half time

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Surprised by the referee’s marking in what would be Argentina’s first goal, the living legend of Croatia, Luka Modric, assured that “it is incredible” that a penalty was indicated in a play where the goalkeeper, Dominik Livakovic, “had nowhere to move” in contact with Julián Álvarez.

The Croatian captain and benchmark did not want to use it as an excuse for the resounding 3-0 defeat against Lionel Messi’s team, but it is clear that -from his point of view- that maximum penalty set the course of the gamecomplaining that in the previous play they were not awarded a set piece that corresponded to them.

“We were fine, controlling the game, but then that corner that the referee didn’t give us and then the penalty, which for me was notbecause he throws himself and collides with our goalkeeper, he goes for him, I can’t believe the penalty was called“, criticized the 10 in the mixed zone of the Lusail Stadium.

We congratulate Argentina: Modric

At 37 years old and most likely in his last World Cup, Lukita He referred to the action that took place in the 32nd minute, in which Araña Álvarez collided with Livakovic and the Italian referee Daniele Orsato awarded the penalty with which Messi put the South American team ahead.

It couldn’t have been, but that’s itwe must try to recover and try to win the third place match” that will be held on Saturday between Croatia and the loser of the key between the favorite France and the surprising Moroccan team.

“We are sad, we expected to be in another final, it has not happened and Congratulations to Argentina, we must congratulate her“added the Real Madrid midfielder.

Finally, he dedicated a message to Lionel Messi, who is on the verge of finally winning the only trophy he lacks in his gigantic career.

“We greeted each other, I congratulated him and I wish him luck for the Final. He is having an incredible tournament, showing all his quality and greatness“, exposed Modric, to whom the Argentines applauded him When leaving the exchange almost at the end of the duel: “I didn’t listen to it, but if they did, I can only thank you.”

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