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Who knows if the Tri will one day reach the World Cup Finalbut arbitration does show its face in the highest soccer tournament and there will be a Mexican whistler in the Argentina match against France that will define the monarch of Qatar 2022Although we are not referring to César Ramos Palazuelos, who was in the French and Moroccan Semifinal.

The Mexican referee who will be in the Grand Final is Fernando Guerrero, the nicknamed Singer, whom Felipe Ramos Rizo and Chiquimarco Rodríguez usually tear apart with their criticism. Well, FIFA published the appointments and the Aztec Nazarene will be one of those responsible for the video arbitration.

Nine games of the Guerrero Singer in Qatar 2022

The Guerrero Singer will be in the VAR after having participated in that same facet in the group stage matches of Denmark vs. Tunisia, Wales vs. Iran, Germany vs. Japan, Switzerland vs. Cameroon, Tunisia vs. France, Brazil vs. Switzerland and Spain vs. Japan, in addition to the Quarterfinal clash. Final between Argentina and the Netherlands.

The Mexican, who will thus add his ninth game in the video arbitration booth in Qatar 2022will be accompanied by the Polish Tomasz Kwiatkwski, the Venezuelan Juan Soto and the American Kyle Atkins.

Who will be the referee of the Grand Final of the World Cup?

The Polish Szymon Marciniak He will be in charge of leading the actions in the game for the title between the Albiceleste and the current world champions. your compatriots Pawel Sokolnicki and Tomasz Listkiewicz They complete the shortlist as flag bearers.

Marciniak, 41, already took part in the Round of 16 match between Argentina against Australia and France against Denmark in the first round, so he knows the two teams that will compete for the world title next Sunday December 18 in the Grand Final starting at 09:00 CDMX hours.

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