Cristiano Ronaldo would be going through turbulent moments with his representative while defining his future

Throughout the year in the football environment it was established that the Qatar World Cup would be key to Cristiano Ronaldo, since a good performance could reposition him in the elite and a performance to be forgotten would relegate him from the five major leagues. However, the competition in Middle East was much more traumatic: according to ACEgoes through moments of tension with jorge mendesits historical representative.

competition with Portugal ended and the footballer himself sent a message on instagram leaving it clear that he will not dress her again. In full mourning for the end of a stage with the shirt of his country, he must focus on his career at the club level, which is fraught with uncertainty.

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It is that the competences in the Old continent start in a few days and CR7, one of the best soccer players in history, is without a team. The sad goodbye to Manchester Utd was accompanied by the painful exit in the round of 16 at the hands of Morocco. On January 1, he could sign for any institution, but with two weeks to go before that date, there are not many indications.

complex relationships

During his career, Christian it was characterized by not having the facility to generate pleasant human bonds. While his contribution on the pitch was enormous, this problem went unnoticed; now that it is on the downward curve of its yield, the crisis worsens. have hag He did not forgive him in Los Diablos Rojos and it ended up being his farewell to English football; Fernando Santos did not make him feel comfortable Qatar and -to top it off- now some inconveniences with his trusted man were leaked, jorge mendes.

It is not the first time that both have strains. They consider themselves like a father and son, but still they always had ups and downs. There have been similar episodes before, for example when Cristiano left the Juventusand then redirected the situation.

This time the case may be a little more relevant. The crack of Madeira He is about to turn 38 and finding him a team according to his economic expectations will not be an easy task. His pretensions do not help that in Europe a club can arise to deal with an operation of these characteristics.

Cristiano Ronaldo, in his presentation.  Fabio Paratici, to his left, next to Jorge Mendes

Jorge Mendes and Cristiano had differences when the cycle ended at the Vecchia Signora


The crack widened with the appearance of different actors in Middle East that they would be willing to move chips to give Cristiano what he demands. For now, the most important proposal was that of al nassrclub of Saudi Arabia willing to pay 200 million.

A man who appeared on the scene was antero henriquecurrently responsible for the QSL (Qatar Stars League), former of psg and key piece for the renewal of kylian mbappe with the Parisian team. Apparently and according to reports ACECristiano would listen to the suggestions of this new adviser, a decision that would complicate his relationship with Mendes.

The club that seeks to generate high impact

The al nassr is run by rudi garcia and among the list of players, the presence of the Colombian goalkeeper stands out ospina and from Spanish alvaro gonzalez. Now the team ryad He seeks to regain dominance in his domestic competition and place himself on the world soccer map with the presence of the Portuguese. Home games are played in the stadium Mrsool Parkwith capacity for 25,000 fans.

The al hilal is the current champion saudi leaguegreat rival of the team in which CR7 can write his last lines as a professional footballer. Last summer he approached the Portuguese, but an administrative sanction for duplicating contracts prevented certifying the movement.

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