Chiquis Rivera responds to her uncles for the song they did in tribute to Jenni

  • ‘Leave me the Instructions’ is the song that Juan and Rosie Rivera dedicated to their sister Jenni 10 years after her departure.
  • Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni, does not currently have a good relationship with her uncles after the lawsuits that were generated by the administration of the company of the deceased singer.
  • In the midst of these bad times they are going through, Chiquis was asked what she thinks of the topic her uncles released in tribute to Jenni.

After a great lawsuit broke out between the brothers and the children of the deceased Jenni Rivera due to the company that was managed by Rosie for several years and in the middle of an audit the young people attacked their uncles for the money that was handled, rosie and john They released a song in tribute to their sister.

It was last week when Jenni Rivera left 10 years ago and backed by Don Pedro Rivera, they announced the release of the song, ‘Déjame el Instructivo’ in which Juan was involved in its production, while Rosie is seen crying in a fragment of the official video for the song that has lyrics like, “what should I do in this sad unexpected goodbye? I know very well that I failed and I don’t say anything but sorry, how can I forget you ?”.

In the middle of family drama that lives the Rivera Dynasty, girls, Jenni’s daughter was questioned by the press such as the ‘Hoy’ program, among others, about this song that has generated criticism from fans, who have left comments like, “no comments, if they don’t have their consciences doing this knowing everything they did towards their children well…”, “Rosie’s hypocrisy is noticeable, and she can’t find any other way to get money. The more feeling she puts in, the more they monetize her ”.

When asked, Chiquis preferred to avoid the subject and said, “I am very focused on this day, on this night, I just want to talk about it right now, December, Christmas and well, everyone can do what they want“.

Chiquis acknowledged that the day of her mother’s mournful anniversary was complicated but she wanted to be happy despite it to remember her with honor, “It was a difficult day in the morning, but I got ‘batteries’ and said: ‘you know what? I want to celebrate my mother, that woman, and well, that night I also had a party for my team and I invited a few friends and we celebrated, since this year has given us a lot, so we have to be happy and give thanks for the things we do have,” he said.

Chiquis Rivera responds to her uncles for a song in tribute to Jenni

In addition, Chiquis shared how she will celebrate this Christmas because it will definitely not be like the previous ones in which she was seen with her family and her then-husband, Lorenzo Méndez, “We are going to celebrate Christmas at home with my brothers (Jacqie, Jenicka, Michael and Johnny) at home, I think I’m just going to make a pozole for the first time, I want to make a green pozole, let’s see how it turns out“, he concluded.

Chiquis Rivera responds to her uncles for a song in tribute to Jenni

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