Camila Sodi and the trauma that led her to accept her first soap opera

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - SEPTEMBER 26: Camila Sodi attends the Nespresso Vertuo launch on September 26, 2018 at Piacere in Mexico City, Mexico.  (Photo by Victor Chavez/Getty Images)

In 20 years of artistic career, one of Camila Sodi’s iconic roles is that of the new version of Ruby (Photo: Victor Chavez/Getty Images).

There is no doubt that Camila Sodi She is one of the most attractive and beautiful women in Mexico, who also stands out for her talent and succeeds in every visual project in which she is directed. But that might not have happened if a teacher’s decision and the kidnapping of her mother had influenced her decision to continue in the artistic field.

Camila Sodi was one of the recent guests of the podcast Punk Ladiesthe program hosted by Ileana Rodríguez, the singer Amandititita and the menstrual activist Tania Zarak in which they talk about their turbulence and small weekly achievements seeking to accompany themselves in this reality of ladies.

And it was in that space where the protagonist of Ruby Y Miss Gunpowder revealed the reason why she was expelled from the Center for Artistic Education (CEA), Televisa’s acting school, at the age of 15.

“They fired me for a very strange thing. A roommate had an accident and died. Then the director held a meeting and said: ‘yeah, the show must go on, I just wanted to tell you,'” the actress narrated.

But such an indication did not make her feel at all comfortable. “I raise my hand and say ‘hey, I think the Show It should not continue, let’s find out where she is, watch her, what’s up?’, (he replied) ‘yes, a very good idea, everyone can go watch her, Camila to my office,'” he said. In the office, The man claimed that young Camila had interrupted him and exposed his lack of sensitivity, “‘You no longer study here, you disregarded the authority in front of the entire school and I cannot allow that,'” he added and expelled her from the campus.

The anecdote, the actress added, shows the days of machismo and maximum patriarchy. “If you were a girl who had something to say, you were super-megacancelled, silenced, you didn’t exist.” But she too she took it as a lesson to study what she was passionate about, music and decided to professionalize as an audio engineer.

He was only a few months into his career when another event clouded his life: his mother, the writer Ernestina Sodi, and her aunt, the actress Laura Zapata were victims of kidnapping in September 2002.

The sisters of Mexican singer and actress Thalia, Ernestina Sodi (L) and Laura Zapata, have disappeared in what police believe was a kidnapping, although the family has refused to get the police involved in apparent fear for the women's lives.  Laura Zapata, who is a television and stage actress, and Ernestina Sodi disappeared late September 22. REUTERS/STR AW/SV

Ernestina Sodi (left) and Laura Zapata in the image that was broadcast in the media after her kidnapping (Photo: REUTERS/STR AW/SV)

According to the investigations, the women were deprived of their freedom by the criminal gang Los Tiras and asked for a ransom of one to five million dollars, an amount that their sister Thalia and her husband Tommy Mottola had to pay.

Zapata was released after 10 days, while Sodi at 15.

After living that nightmare, while Camila was “in limbo”, they contacted her from Televisa.

“‘Hey, we’re going to make our first production outside of Mexico, a telenovela in Miami, do you want to be the protagonist?'” they asked her. The opportunity to be away from the country where she had gone through such a traumatic time and to give her mother Ernestina and her sister Marina a better quality of life did not make her hesitate to accept the proposal from the company that, in some way, had expelled her from their ranks.

I accepted just to take my mom and my sister out of Mexico and it turns out that later my mother and my sister went to live in New York and I was left alone in Miami doing a novel (Innocent of you) that I didn’t even want to do”, the actress told her interlocutors.

Innocent of you It was Camila’s debut in telenovelas. “I found that I like acting, maybe not in that format, but it helped me survive.” She has participated in nine soap operas and series, in addition to a dozen movies.

In addition to having some singles such as “Best friends”, “Endless pain”, “Dance playing”.


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