Torrado prevented the resignation of Tata Martino from the Mexican National TeamHalftime

The shock that occurred with the departure of Gerardo Torrado from the management of national teams led to Gerardo Martino to think about his resignationalthough the ex-director himself was the one who convinced him to continue to complete a process in which both walked together.

What happened to Gerardo Torrado and the Mexican National Team?

After the failure of the Sub 20 to not qualify for the World Cup in the specialty and consequently to the 2024 Olympic Games, in addition to the elimination of the Women’s Team for the World Cup in the specialty, heads were claimed, which led Borrego to leave the organizationbut it could not have been the only one, since Tata was thinking of leaving despite the fact that there were only a few months left before the start of Qatar 2022.

“I had been working with Gerardo Martino since the beginning of his process. I spoke to him when they fired me. He was not in Mexicobut in Argentina. I talk about the situation that was somewhat unexpected. They were all there, the entire coaching staff, except Tata, and I went out with my goats and he ended up finding out.

Tata spoke earlier with Yon about Luisa and said ‘I’m leaving’, I told him nothat if it was for me, I wouldn’t do it, because the greatest pleasure for me would be that he had a complete process and that he did well in Qatar”, he detailed for ‘Los Maestros de La Jugada’.

The numbers of the tat Martino with the TRI

In the same program he recognized that he was one of the people who influenced the arrival of Martino to the technical directionso he remains firm in the idea that it was an ideal decision after the analysis they carried out.

He also made it known that in his talks with Yon de Luisa he made them see the need to not only play in the United States against the same rivals as always, but also new horizons had to be sought regardless of the minimal economic benefits that I could throw

Against Liga MX

On the other hand, Torrado established a strong criticism against Liga MX, which is crowded with foreign players that prevent Mexican players from making the leap, in addition to uses a format that does not benefit competitiveness at all.

We must reduce the number of foreigners. Maybe put a kind of lock so that they are very good and help young people. The ascent and descent must be open, so that the players feel pressure. Let them go out to play from matchday 1 and let the mother break. The 12 classifieds seemed like a bad decision to me, it does not benefit the sporting part ”.

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