This is the amount each team earned just for qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. How much will the champion earn?

On Sunday, a selected will be the new world champion. There will be contagious joy in its streets, its inhabitants will come out to celebrate and it will be one of the news of the year. The federation’s treasury that wins the final will also have reason to celebrate, as whoever lifts the golden trophy at Lusail Stadium will receive a $42 million prize from the FIFA. That’s 10% more than France was paid four years ago to win Russia 2018. And, to get an idea of ​​the global soccer explosion, Italy was paid just $2.2 million in 1982, the first year in that FIFA established a cash prize for the new world monarch.

The US$42 million for the champion implies an increase of US$7 million in relation to the prize for the champion of Brazil 2014 and US$12 million compared to South Africa 2010. In this sense, the cash prize of the first World Cup in Arab territory it exceeds Russia 2018 by US$40 million (four years ago US$400 million was distributed) and Brazil 2014 by US$82 million. The explanation could be found in the turnover of the Qatar 2022 World Cup cycle, which for the first time in history will exceed US$7 billion.

In April this year, FIFA President Gianni Infantino announced the distribution of the US$440 million awarded in Qatar 2022. The amount of cash varies according to the final position occupied by each selected (the criteria for defining the ranking is the same that was valid for the locations in the group stage). In addition, each of the 32 selected classified for the ecumenical event received US$ 1.5 million “to cover preparation costs.”

The distribution of cash prizes according to FIFA is as follows:

  • Champion: $42 million
  • Runner-up: $30 million
  • Third place: US$27 million
  • Fourth place: $25 million
  • Fifth through eighth place: $17 million per team
  • 9th to 16th place: $13 million per team
  • 17th-32nd place: $9 million per team

In other words, just for their classification to the biggest soccer competition in the world, each team won nine million dollars delivered by FIFA.


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