Rivaldo ‘betrays’ Brazil for Messi

Brazil still crying for the removal of the Qatar World Cup 2022, which prevented the ‘Canarinha’ from advancing to the semifinals, where Argentina would have waited for them. Croatia fulfilled the dream of the Brazilians who no longer pay attention to what happens in the World Cup, although something they do not want to see is Messi Yet the Albiceleste champions.

He said it a few days ago Ronaldo Nazirío, what many Brazilians have been thinking, who want Argentina not to win the World Cup. Although there is a former Brazilian soccer player who is on the opposite side of that trend. Is about Rivaldo that he has also shown it with a message shared through his social networks.

Rivaldo played for Barcelona, ​​a team in which he played five seasons, and left him in the 2001/02 season, two seasons before he appeared. Leo Messi in the Barça first team. The Brazilian has a special affection for Messi: “We no longer have Brazil or Neymar in this final, so I’m going with Argentina. There are no words for you Leo Messi. You deserve to be a World Cup champion before, but God knows all things and will crown you this Sunday, you deserve this title for the person you are and for the wonderful football you have always played.”

Surely this message has not been well received by the ‘crooked’ Brazilian, who prefers her to be a champion any team before Argentina because of the rivalry that exists. It would be a nightmare for the Brazilians to see how Argentina achieves its third World Cup and approaches the five it has. Also, you have to remember that Messi and Argentina won the last Copa Amrica of 2021 in the final to Brazil and in the Maracan.

Leo Messi hopes to become champion this Sunday, something that some Brazilians like Rivaldo for all that the Argentine player from PSG has meant to football.

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