Mbappé hits a French fan with the ball and then apologizes: video – Qatar 2022 World Cup



Mbappé shot a French fan

The fan was practically immobile. The video reveals Mbappé’s behavior.

A French fan was left with the title of receiving the first shot of the match between Morocco and the gala teamin the second semifinal of the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Before the ball officially rolled, the fan was hit in the face by the ball after Mbappé tried a shot on goal.

And although the impact drew attention for its hardness, the largest number of glances were stolen the French striker’s reactionwho did not stand idly by, as another might have done.

Ball shot and reaction

Mbappé celebrates the victory against England.


EFE/EPA/Tolga Bozoglu

As seen in the video of the moment, the fan was quite affected after receiving the ball.

Although at first glance there were no signs of any serious injury, his signs of pain were evident.

The striking thing was that, after the impact, Mbappé went to apologize and shook his hand.

The fan, hurt, appreciated the gesture of the star of his team.


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