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“Would you like to win the South American again?” It was the message that a Colombian team sent in search of its new technical director for the BetPlay League 2023 and to play international competition. Nothing more and nothing less, that they were addressing Marcelo the ‘Doll’ Gallardo, former River Plate strategist and coffee players such as Juan Fernando Quintero, Miguel Ángel Borja, among others throughout his long adventure for the millionaire club.

Although it is unthinkable for a non-traditional club like Águilas Doradas to test the territory with a figure on the bench like Marcelo Gallardo, the golden team sent a tempting proposal for the Argentine. Gallardo was in Colombia to find out where his son, Nahuel Gallardo, who plays for Once Caldas, lives.

Taking advantage of his visit to the country, Águilas Doradas, in a great second semester with Leonel Álvarez, did not hesitate to also invite him to visit the institution, and who knows, to be its new technical director after Leonel’s departure to Cienciano from Peru. Alexis Márquez, formerly of Deportivo Pereira, knocked on the doors, and they consider him the new coach of the natives of Rionegro, but what better way than to send a job proposal to Marcelo Gallardo.

Thus, on the social networks of Águilas Doradas, they invited Marcelo Gallardo to be the new technical director of the golden team. A joke that would excite anyone. “Hey doll. Think about it and come to see the World Cup final in Rionegro. The South American awaits us… send us a DM just in case”, in addition, in the image they designed, another message appeared that said, “Marcelo Gallardo, would you like to win the South American again? We wait for you in the Nest”.

It is still uncertain who will come to Águilas Doradas to take over the squad for the 2023 BetPlay League, but what is certain are the renewals in the offense with Marco Pérez and Jhon Fredy Salazar, in addition to ensuring the guardian in the portico , Jose David Contreras.

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