This is the SECT of Anna Ferro with which she would have SCAMED Fernando del Solar before his DEATH

Even though 5 months have passed since the death of Fernando del SolarThe driver continues to be a trend after the constant disputes between the Argentine’s widow and his ex-wife Ingrid Coronado for the division of property. Nevertheless, Anna Ferro is in the eye of the hurricane after it was allegedly involved in a sect that would have helped her cheat to the famous before of his death.

After the statements given by Ingrid Coronado to Yordi Rosado, last weekend, where he recounted all the ups and downs he suffered when he was next to Fernando del Solar With highly changing behaviors, some journalists undertook the task of investigating a little more about the driver’s life before from his death and it was Poncho Martínez, who revealed that the Argentine was in a sect belonging to Anna Ferrowhich was used as a means to cheat the famous and get money.

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