He stepped on the Mexico shirt and now Lionel Messi can be expelled from the World Cup

Messi can stay out of the World Cup
Messi can stay out of the World Cup

Argentine striker Lionel Messi not only had the luxury of stepping on Mexico’s shirt after the duel with the Mexican team, now he is going against FIFA and could stay without playing the rest of the World Cup although Argentina entered the semifinals of the tournament.

Lionel Messi, once the match against the Netherlands was over, reacted to the press where he directly blamed FIFA for using UEFA referees when a club from his confederation was in dispute. Although he did not utter insults, he unloaded against the referee.

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According to Lionel Messi, the Spaniard Mateu Lahoz had a lousy arbitration and “was not up to it.” The arbitration body tipped the balance for the Netherlands to such an extent that Argentina ended up with several reprimands and taking the keys to penalties.

Can Messi be expelled from the World Cup?

If FIFA analyzes a discriminatory trend or insults against the Spanish whistler, Lionel Messi could be expelled from the Argentine team, taking into account the ethics regulations of the highest world body.

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