Roger Martínez’s step with América will end by hook or by crook

Thursday, December 08, 2022

Roger Martinez has had good tournaments and others not so much, in this long time for which America club its continuity has been analyzed on many occasions. Injuries and indiscipline have been one of the main issues that have not given him the opportunity to be regular and that with his eyes closed he will be renewed.

This is the problem that the Colombian finds himself in today, since according to sources close to him, the fact that his contract with the Águilas concludes next June puts him at a vulnerable moment and it is that within the institution he already there would be no intention of renewing it, although it seemed that it would eventually be done.

What is the situation of Roger Martínez with America?

In the last tournament, Martínez was relegated to the bench due to an injury that ultimately cost him to no longer be considered as a starter. The situation is that the board is not willing to let him go for free and it is that in the other semesters it was rumored that up to 10 million dollars were asked by Boca Juniors for him.

That is why, since time is running out, it is proposed that today the cream-blue team request up to 4 million dollars from any team to sign him. Now they are looking for options, since another of the plans would be for it to reach the Major League Soccer in this tournament for a little more money, otherwise things would not turn out for the best.

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