Messi’s reaction to seeing that in Mexico they would declare him persona non grata

Lionel Messi / Maria Clemente Garcia Moreno
Lionel Messi / Maria Clemente Garcia Moreno


Lionel Messi He has been under the eye of the hurricane due to a video where it was presumed that the Argentine star kicked a shirt of the Mexican National Team. Following the premise of “a picture is worth a thousand words”, thousands of fans were outraged when they saw the video, including ‘Canelo’ Álvarez himself.

The Mexican boxer came to publicly threaten the soccer player and after embarrassing hours of arguing on Twitter, everything ended with Álvarez’s apologies and Messi’s statements: “there is nothing to apologize for.” Now what seemed to be a curious anecdote has become a basis for promoting an unfortunate proposal within the chambers of the Mexican Congress.

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According to Process Magazinethe deputy Maria Clemente Garcia Moreno presented a point of agreement to present the 10 of the Argentine National Team as persona non grata because it is a conduct that “affronts against our national identity”, coming to have severe criticism from the national press.

The reaction of Leo Messi

In international law the term persona non grata is applied when a state considers that it cannot have a person in its territory. In this case, Lionel Messi could not set foot on Mexican land. Until now, the footballer seems to take the same position that he had with Álvarez: talk about football. In this case, he celebrated his thousandth game as a professional footballer.

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