Marcelo Brozovic breaks the myth: he smokes and is the player with the most kilometers run in Qatar 2022

Croatia will seek to advance for a second world consecutive to a series of semifinals, but for this they must make an almost perfect match against a squad Brazilian who starts out as one of the main candidates to win the Qatar 2022 title. However, within the squad led by Zlatko Dalic there are men with great talent, among which stands out Marcelo Brozovic, who has stood out for being one of the best in the World Cup.

justly The Inter Milan midfielder has covered the most distance in Qatar 2022, totaling 56.2 kilometers, of which 16.6 were in the round of 16 match against Japan.

Despite smoking, Brozovic shows great physical capacity

However, a curious fact that draws attention is that publicly on various occasions, the same as the daily olé from Argentinais that Brozovic has been caught smoking images at various times, a fact that in high-performance sports, especially soccer, is something rare to see. A great legend that this case reminds us of is that of Johan Cruyff, who shone on the pitch despite having a great affinity for tobacco.

Now, Brozovic draws attention in Qatar 2022 for repeating the path of Johan Cruyff, which is undoubtedly not the healthiest thing for anyone, but despite occasionally smoking, he has shown great performance in the World Cup and it has reached him to be the footballer who has traveled the most kilometers in the World Cup.

Some of the occasions when Brozovic has been caught smoking have been after Croatia’s victories against France in the UEFA Nations League, as well as Inter’s triumph against Juventus in the 2022 Coppa Italia, the same in which he also celebrated with a bottle of beer.

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