How much does a doctor charge in Mercadona with MIR or without a specialty?

Mercadona plant.

Mercadona You are looking for doctors to incorporate into your templates. However, the commercial empire of Juan Roig economic reward equally to graduates or graduates in Medicine as to doctors with MIR, despite the formative distinction. This is evident in the last Work offers published on the supermarket chain’s platform, in which no difference in remuneration is offered to medical specialists compared to those who are not, despite the fact that they claim to apply a Human Resources policy recognized for achieving “motivation and performance” among their workers.

On the one hand, the company needs doctors (without the need for MIR) to work in the province of Lion. For the other, specialist doctors in Occupational Medicine with availability to practice preferably in the Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja, Aragon, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia. Although the medical specialty is a requirement “essential” To achieve this second place, the salary range and type of contract are identical in the two offers: undefinedwith a gross annual salary of €48,789 with salary progression to 74,066 euros.

The rest of the requirements to be able to access the ranks of Mercadona They are also the same in both ads: availability to move and travel; time availability from Monday to Saturday; Driver’s licence and your own car; communication skills; and interest in teamwork.

The usual “trap” in mutuals and private companies

Without making an explicit allusion to Mercadona’s way of operating, Pilar Childpresident of the Spanish Society of Occupational Medicine and Safety (Semst), assures in Medical Writing that a significant number of mutuals and private companies carry out a kind of “trap” when hiring doctors due to the lack of Occupational Medicine specialists in the market.

“Mutual societies or companies can hire general practitioners to do the medical examinations. Of course, this medical examination must be reviewed and signed by a doctor specializing in Occupational Medicine”, points out the president, who maintains that this is a common practice among companies, which take refuge in the deficit suffered by the discipline, leading the dropout rate of resident doctors. Likewise, as it is the private sector, she maintains that each company can stipulate the salary range that it considers pertinent.

“There will be no specialist doctors for Occupational Medicine; they will have to use non-EU general practitioners and then a specialist will be in charge of supervising and signing it. It’s hard, but it’s the reality,” laments Niño, noting that Spain will be left, in the short term, without labor doctors: “It is a more worrisome situation than that of Family Medicine”.

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