Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía would have finished. Blame the ‘Monotony’?

The gossip press in Spain has not lost sight of the life of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí for a second since they made their relationship public in August of this year.

Now, various media outlets in Spain claim that the former Barcelona soccer player and the 23-year-old have ended their relationship due to pressure from the media and the player’s difficult separation from Shakira, who will soon move to Miami, which will mean a distancing of Piqué with Sasha and Milan, the children the couple had.

The rumors began as a result of several public episodes starring Piqué and Clara Chía. A few days ago, for example, the couple attended the Davis Cup, a tennis tournament organized in Spain by Kosmos, the Catalan company. At some point, the young woman kissed her boyfriend and he apparently immediately wiped his mouth, in a gesture of rejection.

At another time, after sharing dinner at a Japanese restaurant located in Barcelona, ​​the couple seemed distant when they were about to leave the place.

The reason behind this apparent distancing would be that the athlete is seriously thinking about buying a property and moving to US territory to be close to his children, an idea that upset his girlfriend and sparked a strong fight.

Added to this is the fact that Clara Chía did not endure the harassment of the press and neither did the ridicule of her co-workers when enjoying favoritism in Kosmos.

Away from Pique

On December 1st, before a Barcelona court, Shakira and Piqué ratified the custody agreement for Sasha and Milan that will allow the Colombian to settle with them in the United States.

The Spanish press leaked that one of the clauses of the document, specifically requested by Shakira, was that she did not want to see the former soccer player again, not even in painting, so he could not settle in Miami under any circumstances, since she is going to that country precisely to get away from Catalan.

The agreement also establishes that Piqué has a few days assigned to be with his children, because although Shakira has full custody, he can by right spend quality time with the little ones. Hence, the Spaniard, through his real estate agent, is looking for a property in Miami and as close as possible to the mansion that Shakira has already bought, to have where to go and be calm during the 10 days a month that she can see her children.

Regardless of whether Piqué will buy a house in Miami or not, the truth is that Shakira can’t wait to leave Barcelona forever.

This Thursday, the paparazi Jordi Martin, who has been aware of one of the most publicized divorces in the Spanish press, assured that now that they had separated, he could reveal more details about Piqué’s extramarital affairs.

Martin said that in 2012, when Shakira and Piqué’s relationship was just beginning, the athlete would have been unfaithful to the singer with the Israeli model Bar Rafaeli, who was the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to the paparazzi, Shakira and Piqué were having problems in their relationship and Rafaeli constantly shared with the Barcelona players and in one of those moments he would have been unfaithful.

He also said that he shared what happened to the singer and the evidence of the alleged romance and that she would have been “astonished by these data.”

The paparazi also commented that Piqué “has failed Shakira not only with Clara Chía, but countless times. Shakira is now finding out everything. Since she has broken up with Gerard, she is finding out about numerous infidelities. A Bar Refaeli, year 2012; year 2016, her ex-partner Nuria Tomas; two years ago with a girl in a disco in Barcelona, ​​”she noted.

But what was most surprising was that he gave an approximate number of the deceptions: “I can tell you that there may be more than 50 (infidelities),” he added.

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