Brazil: Tite confirmed his resignation

DOHA — Tite lost the desire to dance. Especially with Brazil and made her departure from the ‘Scratch du Oro’ official.

“This is the end of my cycle, I will not continue with the Brazilian team, I think there is a generation of young players left who will be taken advantage of,” said Tite.

“I am very affected and hurt by the elimination, but this does not have to affect my decision or my plans with the Brazilian team,” said Tite. “I know that at any moment another coach could arrive to take my position, because my cycle has ended.”

“I don’t want to take stock now, it’s not the time,” he stressed.

Regarding being eliminated in the penalty shootout, he said: “I think the players came to the penalty shootouts unfocused, after losing the advantage they had at the end of the second overtime,” Tite said.

“It is not that only I have lost. We have all lost. We tried to do our best, our strategy was efficient because we managed to get ten shots on goal, but obviously we needed more goals”, indicated Tite.

“Now we must be able to share our sadness with the fans, just as we share our joy. Now it’s not about heroes and villains, that doesn’t exist in sports, we just have to think about getting ahead with this team that has very young players”, he commented.

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