They uncover the 3 Martino scholarship holders who managed the Tri dressing room in the World Cup

Gerardo Martino and Mexican National Team
Gerardo Martino and Mexican National Team

The Mexican National Team undoubtedly had a historic failure in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, something that had not happened for more than 40 years, those led by Martino achieved it, being eliminated in the group stage.

Without a doubt, the main person responsible for the crisis that the Mexican team is experiencing at the moment is Gerardo Martino, as the fans have pointed out, but in addition to him, DT, the fans know that there are players who have led the Tri to failure.

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In an interview with the youtuber Werevertumorro, Oswaldo Sánchez, a history of the national team and who is quite close to the Tri environment, confessed who were the 3 players who commanded the dressing room, who were also 3 Gerardo Martino scholarship holders.

The 3 who rule in the Tri.

Oswaldo Sánchez mentions in a podcast that the three players who have the most authority in the Tri’s dressing room are Guillermo Ochoa, Andres Guardado and Hector Moreno and that during the concentration in the world cup there were 7 meetings in a player’s room, but in the end it was useless because they were eliminated.

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