They filter the final report of Martino and who is responsible for the failure of the Tri

Martino presents his report, presents the culprit of the elimination
Martino presents his report, presents the culprit of the elimination

It’s the end of Gerardo MartinoIt is the end of a process that had no head or tail since 2019, which some of the media already warned about, but the solution was chosen to crash hard and realize reality, in the middle of the World Cup.

According to the journalist’s report Ruben Rodriguezthe Mexican coach will present a detailed report of what his management was where he leaves some conclusions, but also points out those responsible for this elimination.

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Martino, according to Rodríguez, would point to the owners of the clubs as those responsible for the lack of work in quarries and the lack of arguments to train new players, for which reason he leaves as a recommendation, work on a new 9 for the 2026.

Why does Martino blame the owners?

For the coach, the issue goes through his lack of vision of the project of the Mexican team and they only stagnated in their vision of the club, or of betting on a certain particular objective, but that was not seen in the end, as a potential help to the Mexican team.

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