The surprising sentence of the Croatian coach days before facing Brazil for the World Cup in Qatar: “When you look at the players, it’s scary”

Zlatko Dalic has been the coach of Croatia since 2017 and comes from being a finalist in the last World Cup
Zlatko Dalic has been the coach of Croatia since 2017 and comes from being a finalist in the last World Cup

The Qatar World Cup 2022 You already know which are the eight classified to the quarterfinals, in an instance that will have among the most attractive crosses the one that will face Croatia versus Brazil in the Education City Stadium and, prior to the match, the coach of the European team, zlatko daliccarried out a sincericide for the potential of the Canarinha in the final leg of the World Cup.

After beating on penalties Japan in the previous instance, Dalic He waited 24 hours to sit in front of the microphones and give his opinion of the next rival who had given a football exhibition in the 4-1 win against South Korea for the round of 16: “Brazil is the best team in the tournament and the strongest. When you look at the players, it’s scary.”

In dialogue with the media, he assured that the team led by Tite “is the favourite, they have confidence, a great atmosphere and top players”, he pointed out Neymar’s return and pointed out the disproportion of forces between each team: “I think we can make them front. I don’t think it’s smart to play face to face and it would also give them plenty of space. We will study the situation. The options are not 50% for each one, but that is not strange for us”.

Neymar recovered from a sprained right ankle
Neymar recovered from a sprained right ankle

In addition, he elaborated on this Friday’s match from 12 noon (Argentine time): “We have a great test ahead of us, a team that competes and has so many good players and we will need to start the game well.” “We have nothing to fearWe have to enter the game with a lot of faith and look for an opportunity. We want to enjoy, we play against Brazil in the world. Of course, we will not give up, we will try to rest and prepare, to do our best, ”she added.

On the other hand, he highlighted the “family atmosphere and camaraderie” that exists within the campus and added: “There are no fights, there are no incidents, everyone respects everyone and works.” In this sense, he sent a striking message to the players who are no longer in the national team: “I want to especially thank the players who did not play for a minute. We live like a big family, all the troublemakers are no longer with us. The real team remains and they know how to behave and this is their reward”.

Ultimately, he referred to what left the classification against the Asian cast in the Al Janoub Stadium. In particular, to the penalty shootout that had the goalkeeper as a great figure Dominik Livakovic, who diverted three of the four executions carried out on him. Far from being a coincidence, he revealed an unknown detail of the last practice session prior to the match: “The day before we practiced the penalties in training and Livakovic stopped four or five and showed great form. She was very confident. There is also a bit of luck, but other factors like character and bravery play a much bigger role.”

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