The first participant in the demonstrations and convicted of “hatred against God” is executed in Iran

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Portrait of Mohsen Shekari

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hanged. This is how the first of the 11 sentenced to death for participating in the recent wave of anti-government protests that have shaken the country since mid-September was executed this Thursday.

The Persian authorities reported that the executed man responded to the name of Mohsen Shekari, who on November 29 was found guilty of the crime of hate against God” by a Revolutionary Court.

Shekari was called a “troublemaker” for participating in the blockade of an avenue and by wound a militiaman in the midst of the protests that broke out in the Muslim country in mid-September, after the death, at the hands of the authorities, of the young woman from Mahsa Amini, for “not correctly using” the hijab (Islamic veil).

Human rights organizations have described as “show without due process” the trial where the man was sentenced to death.

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