Ricardo La Volpe and the mockery of Ricardo Peláez who goes around the world

Ricardo Pelaez / Ricardo La Volpe
Ricardo Pelaez / Ricardo La Volpe


Play Mastersprogram of TUDN, has given a different model to what was used in sports channels. Being able to have a table for serious tactical analysis would have been something very distant a few yesterdays ago. However, today we can enjoy it in the voice of coaches like Ricardo La VolpeNicolás Larcamón, etc.

In this case, the former coach of the Mexican team He returned to teach at the analysis table. In this case, she took up the point that Ricardo Pelaez about the match between Portugal and Switzerland, since the player who left Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench left everyone silent by scoring a hat-trick against the Swiss.

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While Peláez praised the Portuguese coach, La Volpe mocked the tone with which he referred to Fernando Santos, since it was not about the coach’s courage, but about strategy. Undoubtedly a great risk, according to La Volpa, since these changes, if they do not have the expected result, are directly negative points against the coach.

La Volpe talks about the day he left Blanco out

To exemplify his point, La Volpe spoke that the day he left Cuauhtémoc Blanco out, the press criticized him without understanding that the player had no place in the system at that time. For ‘El Bigotón’, there may be a player who is a crack but it will always be necessary to see if he fits in with the ‘tactic’ that the DT is looking for.

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