Not even Andrés García’s family reached that point, the Televisa actress does the unexpected for the actor

Andres Garcia.
Andres Garcia.

The health of the actor Andrés García would be something that would worry his followers, who would not find a way to help him, before what would be his grand finale, as the actor himself would have assured. In this sense, it seems that his delicate state of health would be the product of the excesses he experienced throughout his years, and that now, at 81 years of age, it would be taking its toll.

Even the same actor would have been in charge of confessing his ills, which would not only have impressed Internet users, but also several celebrities, who would have decided to help the actor to improve his health, since they consider that what he would have is the lack of a good doctor, and not money, as many would think.

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In this sense, there was a prominent actress from TV Azteca, who would have made the firm decision to do everything possible and impossible to help the man born in the Dominican Republic, since she would consider that the actor deserves to be helped for everything he has given to Mexico: an extensive acting career, in addition to adopting the country as his own, which even his real children would not have done, who would only be aware of his fortune.

The actress who would be a means for Andrés García to improve

In the “ventaneando” program, its host, Pedro Sola, would confess that the former RBD singer, Anahí, would have shown her concern and intention of wanting to help her good friend, whom she met in the recordings of “Mujeres Engañadas”, in the year 1999, where they forged a relationship of friendship and admiration that would remain until now. Given this, Anahí would like a pulmonologist to visit Andrés to find out what is really happening to him and proceed with the appropriate treatment, especially since García would now depend on an oxygen tank to breathe.

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