Luis Chávez signed the most powerful goal so far in Qatar 2022Half time

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The Qatar World Cup 2022 has given us several great goalsone of them was signed by the Mexican Luis Chavez in the duel against Saudi Arabia in the Group Phase, so much so that how far it goes from the competition is he more powerful” that has been noted.

The TOP 10 of the most powerful goals in Qatar 2022

Thanks to the technology with which he has Al Rihla ballFIFA was able to reveal the maximum speed who reached the goals that were scored in the first two stages of the World Cup.

According to that analysis, the both free kick signed by the Pachuca player was scored from a distance of 29.19 meters and had a maximum speed of 121.69 kilometers per hour.

In second place in the ranking of the most powerful goals appears the Japanese Ritsu Doan with the goal he scored for Spain, which recorded a speed of 120.04km/h. The top 5 is completed by the German Niclas Fullkrug (118 km/h), the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (117.39 km/h) and English Harry Kane (115km/h).

This was the goal of Luis Chávez worldwide

What technology does the World Cup ball have?

Al Rihla, the official ball of Qatar 2022, It has an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a sensor that sends data from the ball to the video room. 500 times per secondwhich allows a very accurate detection of the distance that travels the ball in the air to the goal and the speed of the shot.

The goal with the most distance traveled

Regarding the table of goals per ‘distance covered’ the much he signed Hakim Ziyech of Morocco against Canada is the one that leads the list, because he marked it 32.85 meters from the goal

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