“It’s not looking like a great World Cup”

The coach is convinced that little or nothing will remain of Qatar 2022, he also stated that only “some well-known footballers such as Mbappé, Richarlison, Vinicius, Bellingham, Julián Álvarez, Guido Rodríguez and Bono have stood out.

The coach of the real Madridthe Italian Carlo Ancelotti, assured that “it is not being a good World Cup” and that “little or nothing will remain of Qatar 2022” and defended the professionalism of Cristiano Ronaldoin an interview published this Thursday by the newspaper “Corriere dello Sport“.

“It doesn’t seem like a great World Cup to me. I am convinced that little or nothing will remain of Qatar 2022,” explained the Real Madrid coach, who affirms that only “some players already known as Mbappé, Richarlison, Vinicius, Bellingham, Julián Álvarez, Guido Rodríguez and Bonothe Moroccan goalkeeper who did very well in Seville last year,” he said.

About the Brazilian Richarlison, Ancelotti defined him as “a modern, complete forward, not too sharp with his feet, but with fantastic rhythm in the area and very coordinated”. “He is not a giant, but his head is strong. He is not the typical Brazilian striker, but I put him among the best there is.”

“We are in a phase of transition, above all for the forwards. They are finished Ibra Y Ronaldo, Suárez, Cavani, Messi and Benzema, who are 35 years old, Lewandowski will do them next year. The new one is represented by Mbappé, Richarlison, Haaland, Julián Álvarez and Darwin Núñez. To Goncalo Ramos I didn’t know him,” he admitted.

while about ronaldo He stated: “I don’t know, he probably still feels in his twenties because he is fine, he has the answers he is looking for in his body. He has always taken care of his body in an almost paroxysmal way. However, the competition has become tough, in Portugal someone like Leao starts from the bench”.

But about the alleged bad gesture from the bench while Portugal celebrate victory, ancelotti He pointed out that he has never had any problems with the Portuguese player.

“I have trained him for two years and zero problems. In fact, he solved them for me. Can someone who scores at least one goal per game be considered a problem? Christian He trains very well, he is attentive to details, everything was easy for me to manage. He is an exceptional player”, asserted the coach.

And he added: “With me he will have played a hundred games and scored more than a hundred goals, someone who scores 50 every year is only good for the team.”

to a question about Viniciusassured: “Today Vini is much safer, more convinced and the team feels it and looks for it. He and mbappe They have an unusual feature. Whoever sees him live finds it hard to believe that a footballer can have that explosiveness and that base speed”.

Regarding the defeat in the round of 16 Spain, Ancelotti explained that “the expectations were different, even though the team is young” and that Luis Enrique “He already received very hard attacks before the game” so “you have to imagine now.”

ancelotti I consider that Brazil is “the most complete team, it has quality, freshness, experience and experience in situations like this counts for a lot” but is curious to see how they will behave England Y Francealthough he reiterated that “in this world there have been no news, even few surprises”.

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