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    “The most important thing is the upper body, and we want to gain more strength and resistance there. The most important exercises are focused on the chest and back”, says Marcus Cooper in our report. Therefore, we did not want to miss the opportunity to ask the Olympic champion, already with his eyes set on Paris and his goal of getting another two medals, to instruct us in the work of one of the core areas for his discipline.

    Although he acknowledges that the upper body is given more prominence over the leg, “in the canoe we use almost all the muscles of the body, it is a lever technique where we take advantage of all the inertia.” He also explains that “We always train except on Sunday, about 5 hours, morning and afternoon”, first in the water, and then in the gym, and recognizes that he has no rival “in the bench press.” Today is something else, but that will have to be seen…

    marcus cooper

    Guille Jimenez

    4 Lat exercises with Marcus Cooper

    One-arm dumbbell bench row. 3 series of 10 repetitions. Fixed back, pull the dumbbell to raise it while the arm remains parallel to the body, bringing the elbow well back.

    Standing row with elastic band. Until muscle failure. It does not matter the type of grip or the place of attachment. Feet hip-width apart, back and buttocks aligned at right angles to the band and body. Elbows back until the hands reach the body.

    marcus cooper

    Guille Jimenez

    Gorilla row alternated with kettlebell. Until muscle failure. Sumo stance, legs wider than shoulder-width apart, squeezing your glutes and strengthening your core to retain tension, alternate the dumbbell with each arm, or use two to row at once.

    Inverted row with TRX. 3 series of 10 reps. Knees bent, feet flat on the floor, abs and buttocks tight, move your torso so that your back is closer to parallel to the ground… And pull.

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