Maya Nazor turns her look from beautiful blonde to stunning redhead

Maya Nazor is a famous celebrity on social networks, her fame began when her official accounts were filled with videos and photographs highlighting her beauty, her body, and also her charisma, all of which together led her to captivate the Santa Fe Klan, one of the singers and music idols in Mexico.

The star was born on January 5, 1999, she is originally from Cuernavaca, Morelos and this December she chose to do something radical in her image, so she decided to change the color of her hair, which had remained blonde since she became famous, on her Instagram account she recorded several stories to tell the world how she looks with your new tone.

First, he uploaded a clip where it can be seen that several beauty experts are working on his hair and in the following story you can already see the result that corresponds to a bright copper color with which her green eyes and skin tone stand out.

23-year-old Maya Nazor also captivated 4 million followers with a sensual dance to show off her new look and several photos so that her fans can see in detail the color for which she changed the blonde.

Maya Nazor captivates with her new look. IG/nazormaya

Relationship with Santa Fe Klan

The celebrities met in 2021, after several dates they formalized their romance and shouted to the world that they loved each other, although several people did not trust that they would achieve much and even said that it was only a fleeting courtship, but all that changed when Santa Fe klan and Maya Nazor They shared on their social networks that they were expecting a baby.

It was on June 30, 2022 that the rapper originally from Guanajuato he made the people who follow his career participate that he had finally arrived “Luka”the name they gave the baby, the singer dedicated some beautiful words to him and assured that it is one of the best moments that have happened in his life.

They have a relationship since 2021. IG/nazormaya

“I would relive the moment of your birth a thousand times more. You are a part of me, an extension of me learning every day to be an independent individual. Thank you for choosing me your mom, I promise to always do my best and take care of you and protect you and listen to you and accompany you on this path called life. I love you with all my heart, my heart melts to see how you are growing and to remember that you were so little. love you luka, forever. I know you will be a great human being like mom and dad, ”Maya Nazor recently wrote on her networks.

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Maya Nazor and Santa Fe Klan enjoy their love on the beach

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