Maripily’s ex-boyfriend tells his version of the breakup

After Maripily announced the end of her relationship with her ex-fiance José Javier Carrasquillo, after an alleged incident in an Isla Verde condominium, the man told his version and revealed why the engagement was terminated.

“These are the only expressions that I will issue regarding this matter. By this means I wish to communicate my separation with María del Pilar Rivera, better known as ‘Maripily’”, begins by saying a letter published on social networks by the announcer and producer Jorge Pabón “Molusco”.

Although he accepted the enthusiasm that in the next year they would reach the altar, he assured that those plans were left behind.

“For personal reasons, I made the decision to terminate the relationship,” he insisted.

He also indicated that he does not belong to “any public security agency since June 2022.”

“However, I wish Mrs. Rivera the best, thanking her for the time we were together,” he continued in the statement.

He ended by saying that “I am and always will be a person of law and order.”

Maripily Rivera shared a series of messages on her social networks last weekend in which she emphasizes her singleness and her process to overcome the breakup of her commitment to José Javier Carrasquillo, whom she had planned to marry in the summer of next year. .

“With my heart in pieces, here I am letting go of my anger, frustration and everything I feel. I’m not afraid of teasing!! It doesn’t matter how many times you stumble and fall, but how many times you get up to continue in the fight demonstrating your strength as a Warrior Woman… Thank you @junnytroche my coach for your words and today lift my spirits with your boxing class, “he wrote in the message that he posted on his Instagram account along with a video showing himself in physical training.

During an interview with this outlet last month to promote her “Maripily de Roman Color” makeup palette, she revealed her plans to get married in the cathedral of Old San Juan, as well as in Las Vegas. However, her messages on social networks confirm that she is living a new stage. In one of them, she shared a video in which she presents a mug with the expression “Being single is in fashion”, which she posted with the comment “So my sunrise 🌅 today!!”. Hours before, she posted one in which she wrote “Single is Better !!!”, along with a thought that reiterates that she is without a partner.

Also in November, Maripily had shared a video about the moment they proposed to her, in Utuado.

Primera Hora tried to communicate with the model through her relationship, but we were told that for the moment she prefers space to cope with the process.

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