Luz Elena González worried about the future of her eldest son

Luz Elena González posing and smiling / Agencia México

Luz Elena González posing and smiling / Agencia México

Luz Elena González confessed the anguish she feels because her son Santiago becomes an adult and wants to become independent, after her firstborn was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Despite joining mothers like Leticia Calderón who seek to do everything possible so that their children with disabilities have a life with quality and independence, for the actress there are some situations that will never stop worrying her.

“You can give him the apartment and he can live on his own, but the point is that someone who is clever doesn’t take it away from him, the point is that he doesn’t make him sign something because he’s an adult. If he is, let’s call it normal, they scam you,” said the interpreter during her most recent meeting with the press.

Regarding whether she has already decided who will be the person responsible for her son if she and her husband are absent, Luz Elena explained: “Yes, brothers, but let’s see, we leave what we can at this moment or who is there, but nobody has safe life, health or anything, then what we have to do is dedicate ourselves to it”.

This is not the first time that the artist has talked about the subject, because in recent days she stated that despite being prepared for the moment when her firstborn wants to live alone, she considers that she still has time to go through this situation.

“I do believe that my son will of course be able to live alone, he will be independent, self-sufficient, he will achieve everything. I tell him ‘one day you are going to get married’ and he answers me ‘I know, mom, but while I go to continue to live here,'” he said at the time.

She also assured that she decided to be a spokesperson for some social causes because she has suffered firsthand discrimination due to her son’s autism.

“I think they are ignorant people, I have to call it that, so since they are ignorant of many things in life and in the world, they behave that way, and well, I invite all those who are ignorant of what autism is to investigate,” stated.


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