Antony Blinken warned that Russia could seek a false exit from the Ukraine war to redeploy its troops

Secretary of State Antony Blinken (via Reuters)
Secretary of State Antony Blinken (via Reuters)

The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenwarned that Russia could seek a false exit to the war in Ukraine that it would not produce a lasting peace and might even allow Russian troops to regroup to attack again.

“One of the things we can imagine is the Russians trying to find a false exitie a ceasefire, freeze things in place, get a conflict frozen, never negotiate over the territory they have taken over, and keep holding it. Rest, resupply, regroup, attack again”, he said Monday in an act of the newspaper Wall Street Journal.

“This will end, and it will almost certainly end with diplomacy with a negotiation. But what I think we have to see is a just and lasting peace. Not a false peace,” added the head of US diplomacy.

As he indicated, when Ukraine was looking for a path towards dialogue, “Putin redoubled and tripled what he was doing in Ukraine”, so there are no signs of confidence for the negotiation. “So the point is this: unless and until Russia shows that it is interested in meaningful diplomacy, it can’t go anywhere. If and when she does, we will be the first to be willing to help,” he asserted.

However, he did not specify under what conditions the war could end or what the future of the conflict could look like.

He also stressed that “Putin is directing his anger and fire against Ukrainian civilians, trying to destroy the energy infrastructure”, but warned about the poor state of the Russian forces, even after the massive mobilization of recent months. “There are forces barely trained, ill-equipped, not winterized, which are thrown into this combination. And it is terrible, but they are not, in general, particularly effective units either, ”he maintained.

Vladimir Putin (via Reuters)
Vladimir Putin (via Reuters)

On Monday, the President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenskyspoke in the same vein as Blinken, noting that “signing something” with Russia “will not bring peace” because “they will surely break any agreement reached with them.”

Giving up any element of someone else’s security to Russia means a new war”, he stated in his usual last-minute speech broadcast on digital media.

Zelensky made this consideration when commenting on the day of attacks with Russian missiles that Ukraine has suffered, just when the anniversary of the Budapest Memorandum signed in 1994 by Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom is celebrated, which established security guarantees against the use of force against the political independence of Ukraine.

“With today’s missile attack, Russia marked the anniversary of the Budapest Memorandum,” he said. The fate of this document gives answers to many current questions about Russia. Simply signing something with these terrorists will not bring peace. They will surely break any agreement reached with them. Giving up any element of someone else’s security to Russia means a new war.”

For this reason, Zelensky has opined that the world must be aware that “only the dismantling of Russian terrorist capabilities”, the liberation of all its territories “and making the murderers accountable will bring peace”.

“I think we’ll get to this,” he said.

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