Today’s horoscope, December 6, 2022, of all the zodiac signs

In the horoscope todayTuesday December 6, Mercury make its sign change to Capricornthis movement favors you so that you have more mental control and so you know how to give more and better power to your positive thoughts.


To end this year well and start 2023 better, you will have to take things more peacefully and not waste your mental strength. To achieve this, you must be able to control your reactions because today Mercury will change signs and could make you more willing to fight as soon as someone disagrees with you.

You could feel something inside that is struggling to come out freely and that you bring it out impulsively and uncontrollably. For this reason, you might also have to change very competitive attitudes that you manifest at a professional level, as well as take care and control the egotistical reaction that you might adopt.

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Today you will receive the energy of Mercury in a very favorable way when changing sign. With this movement and for the next three weeks, you will be able to maintain a positive mentality to conclude your pending year and close it in the best way despite how difficult it was.

In addition, with the energy of the aforementioned star, your mind will be more agile and will make it easy for you to find any solution to the problems that arise these days, as well as to the negotiations that you have to do at a work or commercial level. On the other hand, by feeling calmer, you will manifest yourself sincerely in your relationships.

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You are very volatile and in your mind you keep a lot of information. However, many times you lack the practical and analytical side for not stopping for a few minutes to analyze the situation. Today with the passage of Mercury to Capricorn, an earth sign, the Universe will advise you to slow down a little and take your time to enjoy yourself more.

In this way, you will be able to finish and start a year calmly and with a positive mind because this influence will continue for the next few weeks. Try to spend these days in places that you like and thus stay longer in each of these coordinating your internal vibrations with the external ones.

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You are at a time of year that you become more sensitive than normal. However, the Universe will move the vibration of Mercury to a cold sign like Capricorn to expand your rationality, see the positive around you and get out of the emotions caused by others.

With this movement, it will be easier for you to control your mind a little more and focus on what you want and are happy to do; especially, being yourself the priority without getting carried away by everything you hear on the news of the day. If you apply this advice, you will be able to prepare for the end of the year because you will have found peace of mind.

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With the move that Mercury will make to Capricorn today to stay for the next few weeks, you will feel focused on your ideas. The rationality of the aforementioned sign will give you the ability to maintain serious arguments in order to express yourself with more formality than normal; above all, making your image appear safe.

Your way of presenting ideas will be firm, you will assume the commitment of everything you say and even more of the decisions made to reach your goals for 2022. These vibrations are what will lead you to have a positive attitude facing problems with total stability. existing.

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With the change of sign that Mercury will make today, you will prepare to close the year in a very enthusiastic way and you will start the next one based on the words start and drive. These will be essential for you to take into account in your 2023 endeavors.

Although you are not a sign that is characterized by launching projects, if you apply these qualities, you will be able to develop your power of decision and willpower these days.

Your mind will already be prepared to achieve your financial freedom in the near future and you will allocate your vital energy to carrying out tasks that require physical or character effort.

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Today the Universe will leave you a message through Mercury, a star cited in the horoscope with your way of thinking, indicating that you should focus more on yourself by 2023.

This means that you should balance yourself inside, work on your needs and fears, and find the midpoint between you and the time you dedicate to your partner, if you already have one, or look for it if you haven’t found it yet.

Finding your center and staying in it will allow you to strengthen your inner world and define what kind of person you want by your side. Then, it will also help you to do Aphrodite’s bath; ritual that will help you become an irresistible person.

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The movement that Mercury will make today when passing to another sign will transmit an important message to you on this day and that is that it will favor you to increase your rationality so that it overcomes your sensitivity. This will allow you to have more mental clarity and make decisions with your mind and not with your heart.

In this way, you will be able to maintain more positive, you will have mental clarity and your ideas will be very precise, since this will allow you to achieve your goals. Also, the mentioned planet will advise you to carefully examine everything that bothers you and wisely expose it to others so that everything is clear.

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Today Mercury will pass into Capricorn, a realistic sign, helping you draw positive conclusions from this year and organize your goals for the next. With this movement, you will be able to have concrete thoughts and calm reactions without being carried away by emotions; especially when you receive annual evaluations from bosses regarding your work.

The mentioned planetary influence will allow you to coldly consider those opinions, face the comments about yourself that you do not like and thus correct what is necessary. In addition, you will see that your extreme idealism sometimes harms you and distances you from reality.

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You are from one of the most intelligent signs and today, with the passage of Mercury through your sign, this intelligence will add some cunning and agility, making you more proud and ambitious. You will have increased your ability to express yourself, which will favor you to speak and express yourself clearly.

You will also be able to concentrate on more advanced topics and in accordance with the new age of Aquarius. Thanks to this open-mindedness, you will be able to perceive your mistakes and recognize them, thus understanding the process of others when they are wrong. It will help you to use the best stone for mental and spiritual balance.

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Through the passage from Mercury to Capricorn, the Universe will tell you how to prepare your mind to end 2022 optimistically and to overcome the problems that have occurred.

With the influence of the aforementioned star, it will give your thoughts more intellectual vivacity and you will see a little further to understand the totality of what is happening.

In this way, you will be able to retire to think at the moment you need it, analyze everything more calmly and then return to action. In addition, you will be controlling the emotional a little more through your thoughts and thus know how to handle the events that come.

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Mercury will pass into Capricorn today and will help you understand everything that is beyond the five senses. As this influence will continue for the next three weeks, you will be able to clarify your intuition and increase your telepathic communication; however, you must avoid getting lost in false imaginations.

This is how you will be able to understand many situations of the past, and even more of what will come in the future, according to the messages that will come to you these days through dreams. Faced with seemingly strange events, you will be able to interpret the symbols and what will be happening in the coming year.

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