This was the controversial relationship between Xuxa and Pelé

In the 1980s, while Pelé was enjoying his fame as ‘the best soccer player of all time’, he met Xuxa, a 17-year-old singer who fell madly in love with him.

The crush occurred when both were participating in a photo session for the Brazilian magazine “Manchete”.

Xuxa started out as a model and later became the most popular children’s entertainer in her country (Brazil). As she recounted in her autobiographical book, Pelé was the first love of her life.

By then Pelé had already retired from football, had divorced from his first marriage, was about to turn 40 and had three children, for this reason both were the target of a controversy that began due to their age difference.

On the one hand, there was a stir involving the parents of the then-young minor, who needed her parents’ permission to marry the athlete, while others suggested that the singer, who at the time had a rising career, had started a relationship with the star to add to his fame.

The relationship ended abruptly after five years and although both had struggled to prove that they were a good couple, they ended up speaking badly about each other.

In an interview for a medium in her country, she revealed in 2016 that she had never seen anything uglier than the soccer player’s feet. “I can talk about him because he knows that I always talk about this, it was the ugliest thing I’ve seen in my life,” Xuxa agreed.

He also talked about how privately Pelé sweated so much that it was unbearable and he denounced infidelity on several occasions.

“When I looked at him he had lipstick on his mouth that wasn’t mine. It was normal for him,” the singer told the YouTube channel Matheus Mazzafera.

While he defended himself by saying on one occasion that he did not care about Xuxa’s criticism and ridicule because he was sure that the artist would never get the image of the member he has out of his head.

Today Xuxa is married to the Brazilian actor Junno Andrade and in addition to continuing her career as a model and host, she is also altruistic.

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