This is Pepe Rincón, Pee Wee’s manager with whom he would have been MARRIED for 3 years | PHOTOS

Surprising news about the life of Pee Wee came to light, the famous ex-vocalist of the ‘kumbia kings‘ it is gay and not only that, it is married since 3 years, The surprise does not lie in the marital status of the singer but in the entity of her husband, because it is about Pepe Rinconwho was his manager in the past and with whom he now shares his life to the surprise of thousands of fans who had no clues about this part of the artist.

These Photos They will help you get to know better the owner of the heart of Pee Weewho according to TV Notas magazine, would be his managerknown in the art world as Pepe Rincon. The couple would have around 5 years of romance but barely 3 years married.

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