The mother of L-Gante surprises and gives her opinion of Wanda Nara after her “return” with Icardi

Claudia Valenzuelamother of L-Ghentwent through the Socios del espectáculo program and talked about various topics, including his son’s marijuana use and his romance with Wanda Nara. During the program it was Rodrigo Lussich who asked him if he believes that the influencer used his son, since he knows how to handle himself in the media. Given this, Claudia confessed: “Yes, that is thought, as a mother I think so“.

But after knowing the possible return of Mauro Icardi and the Argentine businesswoman, L-Gante’s mother, wanted to make it clear that she had advised him what to do: “I can talk to my son and he tells me everything that I know, that he is great and knows what he is doing.” “If she is using it? I don’t know… I wouldn’t like to make him suffer,” Claudia added.

Consumption of drugs

During the program, Claudia also made reference to her son’s drug use: “At one point I was worried but right now I’m telling you no. Because he feels good. He tells me: ‘I smoke to eat, to relax, to be He smokes when he needs to but he’s not smoking 24 hours a day,” explained L-Gante’s mother. Adrian Pallares thanked him for being able to discuss the issue and clarified: “Obviously we must clarify that marijuana is not legalized for recreational use.” Claudia agreed and justified her position: “It’s to open the eyes of other moms who are living it like a drama out there.”

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