Shania Twain Opens Up About Her Stepfather’s Sexual Abuse: He Used To Flatten My Breasts

Lto canadian singer shania twainbest known for singles like Any Man of MineY Man! I feel like a woman!recently spoke about the measures she had to take to avoid being sexually abused by her stepfather, Jerry Twains.

The five time Grammy Award winner she stated that the incidents made it difficult for her to embrace her femininity and that she was often forced to flatten her breasts to avoid being assaulted.

“I would hide and flatten my breasts,” Twain told The Times. “I wore bras that were too small for me and wore two, played it down until there was nothing girlish about me. It made it easier for me to go unnoticed. Because it was terrible, you didn’t want to be a woman in my house.”

The years of wrath

Twain also said that it took him a long time to let go of that anger.

“It took a long time to manage that anger,” he added. “You don’t want to be someone who attacks me in the street. Because I’ll rip your head off if I get the chance.”

Twain also said that incidents affected the perception of his body.

“With the clothes, I could speak and tell a story about myself, by the way I moved my body, the draping of the fabrics, the colors, where the focus was… I loved that about fashion, the fun of it , the expression,” Twain continued.

“I was never an exhibitionist for the sake of saying, ‘look at my boobs.’ It was really myself getting inside myself. It was a kind of metamorphosis,” Twain concluded..

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