Qatar 2022 | Samuel Eto’o got out of control and attacked a fan with a kick to the head at the start of the Brazil vs. South Korea match for the round of 16 of the World Cup | VIDEOS | RMMD | SPORT-TOTAL

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is still underway and this Monday’s activity closed with Brazil vs. South Korea, in the round of 16, which culminated in the victory of the ‘Canarinha’ by 4-1. The attractive meeting was attended by Samuel Eto’o, who was immersed in the controversy at the end of the match: he had an altercation with a fan and kicked him.

As reported by the Spanish newspaper La Opinión, the retired Cameroonian striker left the stands of Stadium 974 in Doha in advance and was followed by a group of fans. According to the images of the aforementioned source, the remembered striker responded to the displays of affection and was photographed with several people.

However, the tranquility of the now president of the Cameroonian Football Federation came to an end a few moments later, when he realized that an individual was recording him. Samuel Eto’o revealed his annoyance with the young man and there was a tense exchange of words between the protagonists.

After the conversation, the former Barcelona player retraced his steps and directly faced the fan: he pounced with the intention of hitting him, but was stopped by those present. Quickly, ‘Samu’s’ companions intervened and took the fan’s camera away.

However, Samuel Eto’o was out of control, charged at the fan again and this time they could not stop him: he applied a strong kick to the subject’s head, who ended up losing his balance. After what happened, the ex-soccer player left the place, under the stunned gaze of the other World Cup attendees.

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