Los Angeles Dodgers agree to the contract that everyone expected


Recently, Robert Murray confirmed the signing that Los Angeles Dodges made on one of the team’s most beloved players, which generates peace of mind and support for Julio Urías.

Julio Urías
© Ronald Martinez | Getty ImagesJulio Urías

One of the biggest fears of los angeles dodgers for the next season of the Major League Baseball (MLB) was (and could continue to be) pitching, since Julio Urías was listed as the only high caliber pitcher in the starting rotation.

Yes, it figured, because one of the most anticipated additions in Free Agency has recently been confirmed, and that of course, had all the way to finish at home and without problems for the Californian organization.

This is Clayton Kershaw, experienced pitcher led by Dave Roberts and one of the aces of the starting rotation, along with Julio Urías, a Mexican who will once again have the backing of the vetriple Cy Young winning teran.

Clayton Kershaw stays with Los Angeles Dodgers

According to information provided by Robert Murray, MLB insider and writer for the sports portal FanSide, The Los Angeles Dodgers have agreed to a new contract with pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

The pitcher’s services will continue with Julio Urías and Dave Roberts in exchange for $20 million dollars and one more season (2023), which includes a $5 million signing bonus.

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