Ibai shares his physical advances after starting his exercise routine

Ibai Plains, who announced that he would not go to the World Cup in Qatar, began an exercise routine a few weeks ago that has led him to change his lifestyle for healthier ones. The streamer, the king of the most viewed videos on the internet, decided to make a radical change to his health by betting on eating better, playing sports and try to have a less sedentary routine. As the Basque himself has confessed, after a month of exercise, He has lost more than 7 kilos and that is how he wanted to share it on social networks.

Ibai is happy because he is on the right track and has lost weight

Ibai, who plans to leave twitch behind the massive hearing loss and the changes in the Amazon platform, he wanted to show his progress through social networks in case it serves as motivation for someone. The content creator, who he has tried to lose weight and improve his health in the past, and that he has received the support of other professional colleagues such as TheGrefg has confirmed that this time he was very serious. And as their routines are being iron -eating better, going for a walk, doing resistance exercises-, everything is paying off.

“I have lost 7kg in the first month”, commented the Bilbaon through a tweet that you have above. “I try not to look at the weight more than once in two/three weeks. I’m chilling. I don’t want to break any records or be the fastest to lose weight, but I’m on the right track and wanted to say it in case it motivates you,” reveals, explaining that he prefers to take the achievements little by little and that the loss of weight or fat does not obsess him at all. However, in most diets or exercise tables, it is emphasized that weight loss or physical changes are more pronounced in the first days or weeks, so it is necessary to have perseverance and persistence in the medium and long term.

Ibai Plains

We may become obsessed with quick or easy changes and decide to stop cold turkey., something not recommended, since it can generate a rebound effect in our body that can end the recovery of lost weight, undesirable changes in our health or even generate mental problems related to frustration. Ibai, who acknowledged that he was not mentally well, affirms that this change in life habits for healthier ones has been good for him and has given him the necessary energy for the multitude of events planned for this month. “GO THE FUCK”, Ibai concluded, encouraging the millions of people who take him as a reference and an icon.

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