Hugo Sánchez and the party arrangement that would prevent him from leading the Tri

Hugo Sánchez / Deal / Mexican National Team
Hugo Sánchez / Deal / Mexican National Team


Hugo Sanchez He once again ran for the reins of the Selection mexican after Gerardo Martino said goodbye after finishing the match against Saudi Arabia. The Pentapichichi made it clear that what is needed in the box are players with leadership, as well as a DT that forms a group that takes the next step.

Despite the fact that Sánchez’s reputation still gives hope to some Mexican fans, we can say that Hugo would be in serious trouble due to his last confession in Fútbol Picante, since he confessed that when he directed Pumas he let himself win so as not to face Toluca in Liguilla.

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Such statements left a lot to be desired for certain fans, and for a struggling FMF, the last thing they need is yet another problem. In this case, Sánchez has been off the radar by the high command of Mexican soccer, which would also be a factor in understanding that Sánchez could not be the DT that the board is looking for.

They are looking for a Mexican coach

The Argentine coach’s slogan has taken effect in the high command, so they will go to the side of satisfying the voice of the press and fans who were asking for a Mexican coach. However, the problem is that nationality will not magically repair a team that needs an adequate process for the 2026 World Cup.

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